söndag 29 november 2015

 The Mob 2015
Oil on Canvas, 60 x 81 cm 

The Times They Never Are A Changin 2015
Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

Die In A Dream 2015
Oil on panel, 38 x 29,5 cm

tisdag 20 oktober 2015

Genom Fälten

Genom Fälten 2015
Mixed materials, varied dimensions
Installation at Ystads Konstmuseum
Hus+Boll=Träd group exhibition
Oct 17 2015 - Jan 17 2016

måndag 31 augusti 2015

Cover artwork for HILLS - FRID

I´m excited to announce that Hills new album Frid is released on Rocket Recordings, with my cover artwork on the front and backside. It has gained amazing response from all the reviewers so far!

Lightshow for VED, Prärien, Östra Sönnarslöv

Link to Floret #13 and the beautiful and gloomy Dan Andersson poem (in Swedish) published with painting To Make Dust Of All Things, 2012-2015:

torsdag 11 juni 2015