torsdag 28 maj 2015


6.6. - 5.7. 2015

This you knows.
The years travel fast.
And time after time I've done the Tell.
But this ain't one body's Tell.
It's the Tell of us all.
And you got to listen it and 'member.
'Cause what you hears today, you got to tell the newborn tomorrow.
I's looking behind us now, into history back.
I sees those of us that got the luck and started the haul for home.
And I 'members how it lead us here and how we was heartful, 'cause we seen what there once was.
One look, and we knewed we'd got it straight.
Those what had gone before had been knowing and doing of things beyond our reckoning... even beyond our dreaming.
Time counts and keeps counting.
And we knows now... finding the trick of what's been and lost ain't no easy ride.
But that's our track. We got to travel it.
And there ain't nobody knows where it's gonna lead.

(Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)

Danilo Stankovic (b. 1981) paints and draws from a mystical world of magic and myth. Collecting images and stories from folklore and mythology, he creates eclectic creations that are attractive and horrible at the same time. Stankovic lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Danilo Stankovicin (s. 1981) teokset kuvaavat taikuuden ja myyttien maailmaa. Kansanperinteen ja mytologian pohjalta hän luo monivivahteisia töitä, jotka ovat samaan aikaan kiehtovia ja kauhistuttavia. Stankovic asuu ja työskentelee Malmössä Ruotsissa.

The exhibition is open 6.6. - 5.7. 2015
Näyttely on avoinna 6.6. - 5.7. 2015

Tyynenmerenkatu 6 C, 3rd floor